Meet Zachariah Rath

Zach grew up in the small town of York, Nebraska. When he was fifteen, he began working at the best local restaurant in town, Chances “R” Restaurant & Lounge. He cleared tables and washed dishes, but soon worked his way up to manning the omelet station for Sunday brunch. After graduating high school, Zach decided to move to Lincoln, Nebraska to expand his culinary knowledge with formal schooling. He completed his Associates Degree in Food Service Management and Culinary Arts from Southeast Community College in 1999. The next step in his career was working for Clipper Cruise Lines onboard their small cruise ships. He began as a galley steward and was soon promoted to Garde Manger Chef and then to Sous Chef. From there his travels have taken him from Antarctica, South America, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe. And also most recently he stepped foot on his last continent South Africa! He has known since high school that he would someday own and operate his own bed and breakfast, but it was only a question of where. Darien is the gem, that capture’s the perfect setting to showcase his culinary skills and passion for hospitality.